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OAKS Practice Tests:

Below you will find the state released practice tests by date of release. Keep in mind that the older tests reflect standards that are not necessarily assessed. They can still be utilized as a great resource for practice.

Here are the 2010-2013 OAKS sample tests (NEWEST!):

Here are the 2008-2010 OAKS sample tests:

Here are the 2004-2008 OAKS sample tests:

OAKS Reflection Form:

I believe that goal setting and reflection will create a better testing experience for our students. Please use the attached document as a pre-OAKS and post-OAKS reflection form. Students will set target scores prior to the test and reflect on creating the best possible testing environment. These reflections are a great source for teachers to optimize their OAKS testing sessions. Feel free to change the document to best fit your needs:

Scratch Paper:

Below you will find multiple sources for scratch paper. To create the optimum OAKS testing situation please train your students on how to best utilize scratch paper prior to testing. There is scratch paper with 10 workspaces per page and 6 workspaces per page. Both of these choices come with and without the multiple choice answers A, B, C & D.

Scratch paper with 10 workspaces:

Scratch paper with 6 workspaces:

OAKS Allowable Resources:

Brain Dump (use prior to testing):

OAKS Formula Sheet:

Student Resources: