Online Resources

Online Resources

Math Fact Cafe:

This site will allow you to quickly create math fact sheets.
A great resource for computational practice.


This site has a wide variety of free math worksheets.

IXL Math:

This site allows students to practice skills they've learned in class.
IXL allows students to practice both at school and home with rewards in place for objective completion.

PBS Learning Media:

This site hosts a collection of 14,000+ resources by subject area.
These PBS videos are taken from shows and sortable by subject matter and standards.
An awesome resource.

EduBakery for Educators:

This site allows teachers to create resources for their classroom.
Resources include bingo cards, crosswords, search-a-words, etc.


This site hosts mentally stimulating diversions.
A great site to test your knowledge of various topics including math.

Cool Math Games:

This site hosts many math games that make learning fun.
A great site to reward those students who finish their work quickly.

Khan Academy:

One of the coolest resources available on the web.
This site offers a variety of math lessons ranging from simple mathematics to calculus.

ODE Resources:

Math Home Page:
OAKS Breakdown by Standard:
Correlation between Oregon Standards & CCSS:

TED Talks:

Amazing website that has a variety of cutting-edge talks about science, math, technology, etc.
Please preview videos before sharing them with your students as some content is questionable.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives:

Awesome website with many math and science activities.
You need to explore the site to find applications that will work for the standard you are teaching.


This is a website that has a variety of games and applications for math and other subjects.

The Futures Channel:

This is a website the shows a variety of videos about math and science in real-life situations.
This is a great site for students who ask the question, “Why are we learning this?”

Brain Pop:

Another elementary appropriate website but it can also be utilized with middle school students. It includes all subjects and includes videos, lessons, activities, etc. There is a fee for complete access to all the content on the website.

School Time Games:

This website offers a variety of school-age appropriate games covering many different school topics including math.

Super Teacher Tools: is dedicated to providing technology tools for teaching that are quick and easy to download, learn, and start using in your classroom.
Resources on the site include Jeopardy utility, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire utility, and many other cool resources.